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Focused on achieving unique, high-tech Glass products.

GLASSKIN TECH, S.L. was Founded on December 2020, as a start-up recognized as a Knowledge-Based Company, based on Laser Technology know-how developed at The Institute of Nanoscience and Materials of Aragón (INMA). This initiative was promoted through the latter’s parent Institutions (CSIC and University of Zaragoza), together with the Science Equity fund Beable Capital, and it is focused on achieving unique, high-tech Glass products.

Scientists at INMA have developed and patented a unique Laser Furnace technology for the surface treatment of glass at temperatures well-below those usually needed for industrial glass transformation but reaching extreme surface temperatures. GLASSKIN TECH S.L. has the exclusive right to commercially use and exploit this protected technology.

GLASSKIN TECH’s promoters provide continuous technical advice and include research scientists from INMA with Internationally recognized experience in the field of laser materials processing, as well as materials science and engineering.

GLASSKIN TECH’s majority partner, Beable Capital SGEIC SA, Venture of reference in Science Equity (Technology Transfer funds focused on Deep Science), through its fund BeAble Innvierte Kets Fund, FCR, invests in Seed and Early Stage in the Industrial High Technology sector with the goal of transfering to society the technologies born in academic and research institutions in Spain and providing support for transforming breakthrough discoveries into products through start-ups.



Pioneering advances based on GLASSKIN TECH, S.L licensed know-how, provide a continuous manufacturing method to modify glass surfaces beyond unexpected limits.

Small and large format glass, without size limits, may be surface processed at temperatures significantly lower than conventional heat-treatment technology requires. In addition, the Laser Furnace method enables continuous surface processing of glass at temperatures well above those reached with today’s available.

Based on GLASSKIN TECH, S.L technology, very diverse glass products with decorative, signage or other functional applications, based on desired physico-chemical phenomena, may be developed. This unique technology provides an improvement in the mechanical properties of glass at a lower environmental cost.


GLASSKIN TECH S.L. Laser Furnace technology can be used to develop ecological glass products in different formats.

For example, glass windows with significantly improved mechanical strength, glass-based signage products with and without illumination and personalized to each customer’s needs and desire, illuminated glass emergency signage and decorated products designed to customer’s specifications and requirements, as well as glass products within the domestic house appliance and industrial marking applications. In addition, this technology enables the manufacture of glass products, with colored or non-colored personalized designs, unachievable with today’s industrial glass furnace technology

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